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Authorities have located the vehicle using sonar equipment but are unlikely to recover any bodies until Tuesday. This is a tragic event and were very concerned a tragic event will unfold over the evening, said police assistant commissioner Jeff Loy. View photos Cars and banana trees are washed up alongside a house on the Tweed River in Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia, 03 April 2017 Credit: TRACEY NEARMY/AAP More This is about heeding the warnings of the road closures. The incident followed almost a week of torrid weather across eastern Australia which is believed to have killed at least eight people and caused some of the worst flooding in the nations history. Homes, businesses, crops and vehicles have been damaged or lost in a disaster whose cost has been estimated in the billions of dollars. This was a one-in-40-year event, if not longer, said Gladys Berejiklian, the New South Wales premier. View photos Kayakers paddle on the flooded Logan River as it flows over the Mt Lindesay Highway in Waterford West near Brisbane on April 1, 2017 Credit: PATRICK HAMILTON/AFP More The natural disaster began with a tropical cyclone named Debbie which struck the state of Queensland on Tuesday, causing heavy damage to resort islands and coastal towns. The cyclone then moved south, causing flooding physician home equity loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 and strong winds in southern Queensland and northern New South Wales. Across Queensland, almost 600 homes have been deemed uninhabitable, 300 schools were damaged and 22,600 houses were still without power. View photos Volunteer Alan Dear helps clean up a property at Eagleby that was damaged by flood water on April 3, 2017 Credit: Glenn Hunt/Getty Images More This has had a huge impact right across this state, said Annastacia Palaszczuk, Queenslands premier. We've got roads down, we've got bridges down, we've got families that have lost everything, An emergency services worker described rescuing a family from Chiropractor home loan {body=[], title=The Emerging Challenges For Picking Criteria In Doctor Home Loan Canberra Australian Capital Territory - CSL-AZ, url=} the roof of their house on the Gold Coast before the home was washed away. "The house breaks free, smashing into another house and then just completely self-destructs on trees all the way down the river," said Chris Holloway, from the state emergency services. Further flooding is expected in the coastal city of Rockhampton in Queensland on Wednesday or Thursday.

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